Cincinnati Restaurant and Bar Float Discount for September at Think Tank


Well we all know Cincinnati has become quite the place for food and drink.

What many people might not realize is how stressful some of that work is.

I’ve worked in the industry before and know what repetitious movements ,  altered sleep schedules and trying to wind down the night with possibly too many drinks can lead to.

That being said, we just came back from the float conference in Portland  and what a foodie town that is !!!   Everything is so busy from bars to  restaurants  and food carts with lines near 100 people deep.

The thing about Portland compared to Cincinnati  is there is so much more mental wellness focused support. From Massage to doctors, relaxation spaces and especially FLOATING.  Floating is pretty big in Portland and you can see why.  At all times of the day and night Float On is filled with people of ALL TYPES OF CAREERS.   They take care of their stress!

Last year there wasnt much of a choice to float and really let go  of  so much  stress in such a short time.    But now were located just minutes from downtown.

Work late?  Thats fine we have plenty or morning and mid morning float times.

Perhaps float  in the morning on your off day (if you have one) and then go explore the city with newly recharged batteries.

Since Cincinnati is so up and coming in the food and drink area of this country, providing many new jobs and experiences, were here to help that momentum continue forward by helping and offering discounted floats for the month of September.

Any one from bartender to hostess and Chef If you work in the restaurant or bar industry,  you get a regular $60 one hour float for only $45.

Weve already had several from the industry come in and tell us how relaxed they felt.


Are you ready to feel better and have more energy??

Lets see who can get the most employees to float  this month and see what happens to the levels of stress and anxiety in your business. I can almost guarantee  you will create a better flow in your work environment.

Heres how to do it.

  1.  Go to THINK TANK FLOTATION STORE  and purchase up to 1o  one hour long floats per person.
  2. When checking out use the code    cincyrest    this will take of $15 per float !
  3. Schedule a float

Let others in your bar or restaurant know to help create a better flow and environment at your work.

Our goal is to #floateveryone  and create a much less stressed community!

ATTENTION ALL BUSINESS OWNERS…   We also have a 25 float company wellness package available  a a big discount as well.  Perhaps you could use it as a business expense to keep your business going strong . For more info on this  email

Check out this 2016  Restaurant Guide  from Cincinnati Magazine







DEEP by James Nestor


James Nestor was one of the most interesting speakers I had the chance to hear from 1st last year’s #floatcon .

After his talk on the effects water has on the human body I immediately purchased his book DEEP.

DIVING into freediving and other sorts of ocean exploration he talks about how the water effects our brain and body.

This has been A wonderful book to read and I highly recommend it.

Joe Daniels

Massage with Floating ?

Massage is great. 

Floating is great. 

Combined they’re wonderful combo incorporated into your life.

Both help keep your nervous system in check and allow you to reach a relaxed state of calm.

Some float centers offer massage as well as floating.

So the question is… Which one should you do first???


I’ve worked with so many different types of muscular therapists I cant count anymore so here is my recommendation based off of a question we received on facebook last night

<<< I would highly suggest the massage first if it’s your first time and aren’t very familiar with what floating can do. Floating can make you incredibly sensitive and quite possibly want to go relax at your house afterwards.  OR….. even get ready to go play a game of basketball! Everyone is so different the way if effects your autonomous nervous system. It is much like an adaptogen . It will give you what YOU need.>>>


So, basically,  Id recommend trying both at separate times to get a feel for how you’ll react to both.


Our buddies at Gravity Spa in Beavercreek OH offer great float and massage packages. Tell them we said hello if you are up that way.









Short Duration Float 4/29 2016

Normally I float the night before I pick up my little girl. I feel this helps me calm down and get ready for the energy she has and expects of me.

I wasn’t able to last night but I was able to have an hour before I picked her up at school today on My lunch break. I had an hour but as it seems to always happen people started asking questions and that hour turned to 45 min quickly.

I could have been frustrated and just missed the float time, or had a negative thought about only having a short float but I figured half an hour is better than nothing.. So, I went and jumped in the tank .

Early this morning I had had a deep tissue and percussion massage for my back tension. I also had a coffee which I rarely do before floats. Since it was short I felt it would be fine, I wouldn’t have to jump out to go to the bathroom like caffeine usually makes me do around an hour anyway.

During this float I began to have incredibly strong physical euphoria. My whole body seemed to be buzzing delightfully. A very strong and noticeable feeling yet not one of anxiety or nervousness. I’m sure it had to do with the massage 3 hours before but it began within what seemed like 5 minutes into the float. I was listening to music and my thoughts were fully focused on my body. Such a great feeling and as soon as I felt it to diminish it was time to get out. I felt so good and wondered if this was just what I needed? Sometimes I feel float times are too long and I’m forcing myself to lay there for 60 or 90 min with a preconceived notion of time. I’ve begun to wonder if we should just get out of the tank when we feel like we should once we have a lot of float hours logged in experience.

It’s much like sleep. Sometimes when you feel you should wake and get your day started even though it’s earlier than normal then we lay in bed for another hour we can enter another sleep state causing us to be groggy when we have to get going.

I feel forcing these times to work FOR us instead of WITH us , could be the problem.

Have you ever had a 90 min float and felt like the 60 would have been better? Or maybe you should have gotten out instead of fighting to stay in until the timer goes off?

Alex and I have been doing some experiments lately on untimed floats, and just seeing what happens naturally. Remember all of us are different and almost every float is different due to the state of our being and prior experiences before entering the tank each time.

Remember the tank is a constant in the equation. What you bring into it really effects the outcome.


Pre Surgery Float TESTIMONIAL???

Here is a testimonial we received this morning on our  facebook page…  it is quite moving to me as I have felt the exact same thing last June with my knee surgery…


Nicole Goodwin-Frakes to Think Tank Flotation and Wellness

“I wanted to share my amazing floating experience with everyone. I had low back surgery this morning and was very anxious about it. Floating last night did wonders for my stress level and gave some relief from pain that has plagued me for years. I can’t thank Joe Daniels and his colleagues enough for providing an oasis in the craziness of life.”


Once again Floating can benefit many levels of your life and they are ALL connected and cumulative.

Are you ready to float?  Check our availability and make a float profile  here



Think Tank Flotation OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!!

For A few months we were stuck with a great place and a tank ready to go but NO INSPECTIONS were being held.  All of a sudden  two were scheduled back to back and were GOOD TO GO!

Were proud to say were located at 648 Monmouth St Newport KY 41076 above RESER BICYCLE OUTFITTERS and TRAILHEAD COFFEE.   What a cool community!!   I have to say Ive been to several float places in this country and this is an interesting one to say the least.

In the heart of the city, upstairs in a cool area and only a walk across the purple bridge from downtown Cincinnati.

We are Northern KY  and Downtown Cincinnati’s CLOSEST  float spa.

You can create a  personal floater profile at >>>>> where you  can purchase memberships, packages, gift cards and schedule floats.

We offer 60 and 90 min floats and even late night floats.   Currently we are appt only but are working  towards the goal of being open 24 hours per day to take care of everyones relaxation,  stress and pain relief needs.

Current Prices

  • $60.00 for a single float
  • $150.00 for a 3 pack  ($50 per float )  Highly recommended to feel cumulative effects of floating.        
  • Frequent Floater – 4 floats   $168  ($42 per  float)  (expires 30 days after purchase)  Great for weekly floats.
  •  Recurring  monthly  membership $50   –  1 float per month and various discount access for friends and  family
  • Monthly 2 float per month membership  – $90 per month.  ($45 per float)
  • Other specific options available

You can contact us at  or


Many restaurants are within walking distance and there are several coffee, tea and cocktail shops as well (specifically Trailhead just below us!)

Cash , check and credit card are welcome.


Were so happy to be able to help the community in the way we wished to for the past 1 year and 4 months!!!!


Joe Daniels and Alex Fraser




Floating is NOT Sensory Deprivation…..

I want to clarify something for people.

As someone who has now over a year of floating experience and the impact it has on the human nervous system and conscious...

I do not like the phrase. “Sensory Deprivation ” as being used to describe flotation therapy or floating.

I’ll try to describe why.

Your senses are NOT being deprived . You are always fully in control of your surroundings.
If you feel as though you are not in control, then you have not been taught about the environment you are about to enter fully and I feel that is a disservice to you.



Floating itself, while seemingly so simple , May not be that way for everyone. While attempting to reach your goals such as pain relief, creativity, stress relief, etc everyone will be different due to their experiences and beliefs cultivated over their lifetime. This is why I feel you cannot tell everyone to start floating the same way.

At Think Tank Flotation we will be taking it a step further with proper COACHING to help the individual best reach their goals.

For some people entering a float tank and fully immersing themselves with a lack of perceivable light to see or sounds to hear could be the equivalent of recommending a person who hasn’t exercised in 20 years to attempt a 10 mile mud run obstacle course. It could be  just too much, too fast.

Steps should be taken to acclimatize the individual to what they are about to possibly experience.  Here is where our coaching will come in based on the individuals background.

Floating is not for everyone although I do believe if can help the majority of people who are open to wanting to be a better person in some way, either physically, mentally or spiritually. We’re here to help you fulfill your life . This isn’t about trying to make a quick dollar. This is about using a tool that can allow the user to exponentially increase their awareness of their own actions.

While some people perceive and talk about floating as being “sensory deprivation”,
In reality it is “sensory heightening” to the moment.

The float tank is an environment unlike any in the world.

It is not an environment of “nothing” or “void” but it may be very well the closest one could get to it. This is such an opposite to what most of us are accustomed to in the past 20 years that just the act of sensing little to nothing for even a short time could be overwhelming to people ….. Unless properly coached as I was saying before.

There are many variables that can be arranged for the floater and will be fully integrated with our clients to provide them with the most relaxing and enjoyable time that they have chosen to spend with us at Think Tank Flotation.

By restricting or reducing the amount of sensory input your brain has to process , it gives it a chance to restore, rest and ultimately recuperate the nervous system from the daily onslaught of work, school, family, social media and all other inputs it processes.

By giving this a chance to happen, when you are finished with your time in the float tank or pool, your brain and nervous system is able to “unclog” itself and de-stress.

This allows a certain heightened awareness and perception to the moment as a whole once the sensory restricted time is over.

This is how we will learn to be more present in our everyday connections , thoughts, feelings and interactions with our self, family, friends and the world.

This is what I learned about myself and the world By floating for the past year and I am so happy we are able to share that with you and your family in the next few weeks.

I hope that many float centers can pass this around and find benefit from it, as many of you have shared your knowledge with Think Tank Flotation in ways you may not even be aware of.

Thank you for your support in this vision.
Joe Daniels    ……….Please help us share this.

Escape Podcast with Joe Daniels

Hello everyone I just wanted to let you know that I was just on the Escape podcast hosted by Jeremy Warner of Escape Pod Flotation tanks.

Give it a listen ! Fitness , life, float tanks andd stress relief!

Float Tanks For Strength Training Recovery


Just uploaded a few videos on my SwingThis Kettlebell youtube channel and I wanted to let everyone know.

The main reason I began floating was to decrease my pain from muscles and relax my nervous system from competitive kettlebell lifting.  It took off from there.

While Alex and I were in Portland last week for the Float Conference, I had the opportunity to train with one of the best  in powerlifting and strength,  Portlands own, Chris Duffin of Elite Performance Center.

We did several interviews and training videos ,but perhaps the one youd like to see the most is when he asked me to talk about Float Tanks as I use them for recovery .  This is a huge reason why we are bringing Flotation to Northern KY  as a connection to my already large community of health and wellness with Swing This Kettlebell.

This is a topic I really would like to speak on next year at the  Float Conference.  (Ashkahn? Graham?)

Anyway not to keep you waiting, here is the video we shot  that I spoke about Float Tanks For Recovery.